Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn Is Just To Love And Be Loved In Return

I love you. The three most dangerous words a person can say. They get thrown around like its no big deal. So I have to question is it really love? Or lust? Or is it just infatuation? Movies these days depict love as this all consuming "I can't live without you" long lasting beautiful thing. Does such a thing exist? In this day and age its difficult to say. Its all about how quickly can we get married so we can do it. What happened to romance? What happened to taking your time to really get to know a person? I've made mistakes. I've thrown around those words. And now that I've grown, I realize that its not what I want. I hate the games that people play! I hate how easy a person can hurt someone, and not feel bad about it!
So what is love? Is it getting the butterflies at the very mention of someones name? Laying your head on their chest and being soothed by the beat of their heart. Looking in their eyes and knowing that you could stay there forever. Being in someones arms and knowing that its the right place for you to be? You should feel this everyday. Not just in the beginning. Thats what I want. Its what everyone deserves. Im done playing games. I know what I want and Im not going to settle for what I dont deserve.