Thursday, February 16, 2012

Life sucks. It is full of trials that are meant to test us. These tests can ultimately make us stronger in the end. But you still wonder "why me?". It seems like the bad news has just kept coming. My family recently suffered a loss. One of my cousins died for no good reason. After attending the services I realized just how important family is. I may not be as close to my family as I would like but if any of them needed anything I would be there, even if that meant lending an ear or a shoulder to cry on. As they have shown me.  There are horrible people in this world that have no regard for others. No body is perfect and I realize that but how can people live with themselves  after knowingly hurting someone?
My friend got some horrible news as well. He has been strong through out this whole thing and I admire him. I hope you know my friends I will always be there for you! No matter what has happened in the past. I love you all dearly and I hold a special place for all of you in my heart.